Benefits for Teenagers


Building Responsible Individuals

Both male and female teenagers can benefit from martial arts instruction in a variety of ways. Young men learn skills that will help them assess danger and make wise decisions about when to be assertive and when to avoid confrontation. Young women also gain experience in assessing dangerous situations, as well as learn tactics that will help them escape and the confidence to defend themselves if escape isn’t possible.

Preparing teenagers to defend themselves while building their self-confidence is one of the greatest gifts we can give them as they cross that border to adulthood. Have you ever met a young brown belt or black belt student? You will find that they are among the most polite, self-assured and respectful people you will ever meet.

Our kempo style karate training is unlike judo, jiu-jitsu, tae kwon do or most any other martial art. We focus on personal skills through one-on-one classes and group lessons. Our belt ranking system sets achievable goals that motivate while strengthening your sense of self-worth. Lessons in self-defense and karate last a lifetime, and remain practical for students who were given the opportunity to partake in serious study. Teenagers are at the perfect age to begin studying martial arts because they are both physically able to do the movements and mentally mature enough to understand their applications.


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